• What is the Emergen-Seen OWL?


    The EmergenSeen OWL is a device that serves as a forewarning light to oncoming traffic. It is a bright solid or blinking white light and is located next to the rearview mirror in the upper center of the windshield. If you are driving encounters a warning situation of a traffic issue such as an item in the road or deer crossing in front of you, the solid light mode is activated to warn oncoming traffic to slow down for a possible road emergency. If you drive through an accident scene that would require notifying the oncoming traffic of a 911 type emergency, you will push the mode button two times giving a flashing white light. This flashing white LED light will operate for 3 minutes of your driving , giving an important warning to automobiles that have not entered the emergency scene. After 3 minutes the flashing light will automatically turn off, unless reset.

    When you have an emergency of your own, the EmergenSeen OWL will serve your personal needs for help. By removing the light from the windshield, removing the clear lens and installing the purple lens, and re-locating the suction cup bracket to the side view mirror on the drivers side. You can put the solid light mode on, which will send a signal that you have an Auto Club or other towing service notified to provide service. If you are in need of help, by placing the light into the flashing mode with the purple lens in place, you are sending a signal that you need help. If you need to exit the vehicle, you can hand hold the light and face it in the direction of moving traffic from a safe location. Additional information will be added to our website as we receive input from our users. Be sure to check regularly for updated recommendations.

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